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Is Gavin Schmidt The Best Thing Ever Happened To AGW Skeptics?

One wonders. As one has been wondering. For quite some time.

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Gavin has done more for research than you could ever dream of.. keep your silly posts coming along. Its great for documenting all the fools out there that fail to see the overwhelming science in front of them. At least in years to come, when we fail to curb rising Co2 levels, we can at least see you fools and show the next generations wy we failed to act

Luke – I am afraid you have no idea what I am talking about. Suffice it to say that the research prowess of any individual has nothing to do with his or her ability in arguing their case. And Schmidt understands nothing at all about how to argue for managing the risks linked to climate change.

Luke you *****, you do know Co2 is what sustains life on our planet, right? How do you think oxygen is made? Nothing like cutting off your nose despite your face. Global warming had been proven to be a total fraud. Phil Jones of the Climate Research Unit, might be facing criminal charges for purposely suppressing data which showed from 1995 the earth has actually cooled (Phil Jones’s quote). Luckily for the world someone hacked their emails and exposed the fraud. Funny he can’t seem to find the data backing his report to the UN?

read for yourself:

[…] Gavin is his usual self, the worst enemy of AGW that is, with a blog post choked by its own sarcasm. Through the deep, rather undignified fog, one can get a glimpse of what appears to be a potentially strong riposte to Steve McIntyre (but with Schmidt’s emotions running so raw, I am afraid McIntyre will always have the upper hand). […]

The Aussie Government has withdrawn the revue, Penny Wong has declared that the ETS will go ahead next year. I think they got “cold” feet.
It was stated on ABC last night that the fires were a direct result of global warming. See The ABC is a left wing green broadcaster funded by taxpayers, so what do you expect?

Speaking of Al Gore, and the Gore effect.

Its below zero (C) in Chicago right now, with snow predicted tonight.

As for the polls being transitory? Perhaps.

But you mention Australia. The greens are getting a rough time there, as the supposedly green policies may have contributed much to the fires.

And the Aussie government announced that the promised cap and trade policy is being “reviewed”. This is politico speak for “being shelved due to the economic climate”. It should be noted that the Aussie government had promised very little in the way of CO2 cuts under the promised cap and trade; only 5-15% by 2020.

Even those paltry cuts look endangered.

Sorry, but the public polling global warming is transitory. North America has been cool because of the recent La Nina. It has made picking on Al Gore and global warming a “shooting fish in a barrel” activity. That will end with the next El Nino, and the news in the United States will be reading just like the news in Australia is reading now. When that happens the “team” will have the puck, and it will be swatting it into net repeatedly.

In the last election the congressional friends of the skeptics just got their heads kicked in. No current congressional committee is going to hold a high-tech lynching of any AGW scientists; instead, they’re going to give them a lot more money and new administrators – who will be part of the “team”.

Is Gavin Schmidt The Best Thing Ever Happened To AGW Skeptics?

Absolutely. It was Schmidt, Connolley, Mann and Hansen who converted me from a believer to a sceptic, not McIntyre, McKitrick, Motl or Morabito!

stupid wordplay on an acronym, that’s all. Monbiot in the Guardian recently referred to Booker’s criticisms of Steig in the Telegraph as Bullshit. An all time low in “serious” journalism, I think you’ll agree. Very few read Pielke (alas). Many read Monbiot. I urge your readers to post intelligent comments where the maximum number of people will read them

The fact that many still read Monbiot doesn’t seem an indication that they will read any of the comments over there with any intelligence. I stopped long time ago, when he almost cried over seeing flowers in February.

ps thanks also to Les for explaining the acronym…I was translating too much!

maurizio: I believe that Geoff is referring to the Acronym of that phrase:


My Italian is quite rusty, but if heard “vaccagare” in a pub, a fight would shortly follow…

Geoff: CAGW is my own terminology. I use NCAGW (non-catastrophic AGW) to describe the other side of the debate.

NCAGW encompasses the many shades on that side of the debate.

Such as Pielke Sr, who believes in AGW, but land management is the driver.

Or Lomborg, who believes in CAGW, but the severity will be less than predicted, and that other issues should be considered first.

Or Svensmark, amongst others, who believe in a solar forcing accounting for most warming.

Or like Spencer et al, who believe in PDO (and other cycles) as the driver.

Or like Lindzen et al, who thinks the negative feedbacks of CO2 limit the warming.

Or the ones that believe that there is no warming. Or that warming is good us.

etc etc etc.

I felt there was no good descriptor for both sides. “Alarmist” and “Denier” (or even “skeptic”), don’t cover it.

To Les Johnson:
I hadn’t seen the acronym CAGW before. As a favour to Maurizio, perhaps we should refer to it by its Italian name, which translates as Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Anomalous Realclimate Event. Maurizio will explain.
Or refer to Monbiot (2009) for its first recorded use in the scientific literature.

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Anomalous Realclimate Event or its acronym CAGARE which means “to shit” in italian

I am not sure that Gavin is the best thing, but I do think that he is a manifestation of the symptomatic break down of the alarmist side of AGW.

Pielke Jr has started a thread on this break down, which I agree with.

The Catastrophic AGW (CAGW) side is losing the political battle. It shows up in most of the recent polls…people put AGW at the bottom of a long list of things they are concerned about.

I agree with Pielke Jr. The CAGW side is just about to implode. But only because they have lost the people; for whatever reason that loss is.

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