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British Workers First! Down With Foreign Labour!

I will show my support for the British strikes against the use of foreign labour by leaving the country the day after…getting back all the taxes I have paid in the UK since Nov 1, 1997.

It’s your chance, Gordon, to free up yet another workplace for a native of Albion. And for a relatively minor amount of money too!!!

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Are these foreign workers there to “do the jobs that British people don’t want to do”? ( the usual excuse for letting in lots of immigrants)
Well, I am glad that :
1) either that line was absolutely false and politically constructed to hide the fact tha the government didn’t know if and how to stop the influx;
2) the British workingclass is finally forced to face up to reality and stop to believe that money grows on trees ( or tapping government assistance)


Like you, I’m going to get my own back by going to work as “ein Gastarbeiter” in the EU!

“Wenn Sie sie nicht schlagen können, schließen Sie sie an”, as they might say in Middlesborough.

I think you may find that he has spent all of your money and mortgaged your future taxes as well. So, I don’t think he will, or more likely can do as you ask. But it is still worth asking, not that Gordon has listened to anyone over the past 12 years.

It must be said that Gordon may be criticized for much, but not for supporting those idiotic workers, the protest of whom he called “undefensible”.

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