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"Climate and Uncertainty Symposium" – London, Feb 16

Sounds like a great idea…but there isn’t actually a lot about uncertainty, in the programme (look at what session A is supposed to be about, and what the speakers will in fact cover)

Climate and Uncertainty Symposium
Date and time
Monday 16th February 2009, 10:00-17:00 with poster session and drinks to follow.
Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre (UCL, London).

The aim of this meeting is to bring together a wide spectrum of UCL researchers to discuss issues of uncertainty in climate predictions and the impact of those uncertainties on our ability to accurately forecast the effects of climate change on urban and natural systems, human health and public policy. The meeting will encompass perspectives and open discussion on climate uncertainty from information providers (e.g. climate / ocean modellers), method providers (e.g. statisticians) and users of outputs (e.g. climate impacts and policy researchers).

SESSION A – CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS: talks articulating the issues and questions arising in different application areas. Talks focus on what are the key questions about future climate in the different areas, how climate information is used, what sources of uncertainty have been identified as being of particular concern and what steps are being taken to address this.

SESSION B – INFORMATION PROVISION: talks focusing on research that aims to meet the needs of the applications community: what information and techniques are available, what are the limitations, where is the potential for improvement in current practice?

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It takes a while to get acclimatised to how language is used in the murky world of science policy / politicised science. It wouldn’t do to hold a meeting on “Inevitable Disaster – What You’re Going to Have to Put Up With” now, would it? The simple word “Uncertainty” – so sceptical, so Heisenbergian – evokes Gordon Brownian Motion and the furrowed brows of ernest researchers ever in quest of the Grail of Truth. Meanwhile, we all know the Science is In. Let free association do its work in the minds of the masses: “uncertainty” – “principle” – “precaution”. This way, lemmings.

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