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Space Aliens May Have Destroyed Home Planet With CO2 Emissions

(an example of Do-It-Yourself climate alarmism)

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has discovered carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of a planet orbiting another star.

Translation: Powerful life-threatening gas is so abundant on that planet, it has been detected light-years away

This breakthrough is an important step toward finding chemical biotracers of extraterrestrial life.

Translation: We have no hopes but to find only the traces of whatever life might have been there before runaway global warming

The Jupiter-sized planet, called HD 189733b, is too hot for life.

Translation: QED

[…] Previous observations of HD 189733b by Hubble and the Spitzer Space Telescope found water vapor. Earlier this year, Hubble found methane in the planet’s atmosphere. […]

Translation: The planet’s atmosphere is made up almost 100% of greenhouse gases! Those space aliens must have been in the SUV business big time, poor them.

Is the above justified? I say yes, and why not? Of course it’s all possible, therefore on the basis of the precautionary principle, of course we ought to behave like it were true.

Please stop breathing.

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uh oh – hypnotic snow – it’s probably sending us secret evil messages from Big Oil. Hmm – I’m starting to get a strange desire to buy a hummer.

Just wondering when I’ll read a moralistic SF story which features humans exploring alien solar systems and finding the remains of ET civilisations, which ended because they were unable to overcome their fossil-fuel addiction and thus destroyed themselves due to runaway climate change…

Surely someone somewhere must gave written something like that. If they haven’t, I suggest they get it published quickly, before the current lack of warming starts to put off prospective editors.

I like the snow effect, by the way! Very peaceful, almost hypnotic…

That’s a very good DIY job of climate alarmism 🙂

Maybe all humans are aliens who polluted their previous planets through breathing too much… That’s my theory 😛

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