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Pass The Handkerchief

According to Italian CO2 emission calculator “Ecodieta” (in Italian) I emit around 40kg of CO2 per day. That’s double my ideal quota, apparently, even if my larger than average body frame is not considered!

Funny thing is, around half of my sinful attitude comes from having the temerity of…heating my own house!

Will I qualify for an award were icicles to lend beauty to my living room? If only, to pay all those recurring bronchopneumonia treatments…

ps the other half involves using the oven. Perhaps I should switch to heating up the frozen pizzas with the icicles.

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You know, a lot of people who support doubling energy prices pay a very small percentage of their income for energy, maybe 1% or less. For example, Gore pays about $20,000 per year and his income must be at least $12,000,000 per year since his networth is increasing at that rate. So he is paying out about 0.02% of his income. So if energy costs double, it is about 0.04% of his income. So to him, he says so what if energy costs double? It is not a problem. And then he goes onto to assume it is not a problem for anyone.

But there are a lot of people paying 10% of their incomes. If it goes to 20%, it is a big problem. Possibly they could lose their homes. In any case, they would have to make cutbacks somewhere and that won’t help the economy. And these people can forget about saving to buy more energy efficient appliances.

So, in short, Kyoto is supported most strongly by high income people who won’t feel its effects.

Has there ever been a more stupid example of psychological displacement activity than measuring your carbon footprint? It’s an exact proxy for WEALTH. Even if I spent my entire income on locally grown organic vegetables, there’s no guarantee that my local market gardener isn’t flying off to Tenerife every weekend. Measuring how you personally spend your pitiful income is totally irrelevant to the world’s carbon output. Just say no.
In the past 50 years the income ratio of company boss to shopfloor worker has gone from 20:1 to 200:1. Thisis the plutocrat in the livingroom which no-one on the left wants to discuss.

To alexjc38: “the Italians seem to be more rational…”

You might like to try for a good rant against Al Gore (also against Che Guevara, whom they consider a dangerous fascist) is the English language version of the site of the comedian who is Italy’s unofficial political opposition. Marco Travaglio’s criticisms of government and opposition on this site are an admirable example of what a campaigning journalist can do in a dysfunctional democracy. The Italians know that’s what they’ve got. We’re still in denial.

the homeless are the true carbon heroes. We should all just sleep on the park bench and get clothes and food out of the dumpster. Ah Paradise!

This country is getting weirder by the minute; no, I correct myself, most people here are still relatively sane and focussed on sensible things like money, food and quality of life, rather than stupidities such as their carbon footprint. It’s just that media institutions such as the Guardian and the BBC are making us look like a nation of Greenpeace-inspired AGW fanatics. The Italians seem to be more rational on that subject, am I right, Maurizio?

Also, I too have a heinous confession to make. My fiendish carbon-emitting planet-violating gas-fired central heating is on full blast and has been for most of the day, as it’s bloody freezing in London at the moment. Tomorrow will be even colder, so I’m told…

A recent article in the London Guardian was all about how the author was writing the article on an old fashioned manual typewriter in his unheated house with holey socks on his hands in order to keep his carbon footprint down. Rational argument is useless against these people. The only possible weapon is ridicule.

Shame on you! Heating your own house… I’ve never heard of such a disgusting, selfish, planet-killing act. When I read that you actually use the oven also… well, I almost fainted from shock. Shock, I tell you!

You seem like such a nice guy. Who knew that you habitually raped Mother Nature in such a foul and violent way? I certainly never would have guessed.

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