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Climate Change Activism’s Wreck of a Train

Observationally, they have nothing to show to support their claims of upcoming climate disasters. Scientifically, they got it mixed up and regularly distort what Science is and is not showing. In practice, they are using persuasion tools developed to save pandas and the Hudson river, and those are the wrong ones because Anthropogenic Global Warming is not a species in peril now or a river polluted at the present, but a risk for the end of the century.

No wonder then, Climate Change activists have been fighting a mostly political battle for at least two decades. And the main objective appears time and again to force their solutions upon us, and to stifle all forms of dissent.

In desperation, what else have they got?

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doing the right thing for the wrong reason is always dangerous business…one risks making the situation worse, because the underlying causes are likely left untouched

I agree that climate change is probably nonsense, but cleaning up our industries would be a good thing. It’s a pity it will impact the economy, though.

Climate change “science” is a lot like astrology. It’s based on false assumptions; it has a lot of weird believers; it influences people’s lives with little regard for fact or reason; it is used to forward crazy economic and social agendas by corrupt politicians; and one day a lot of people are going to be ashamed they believed in it.

Well, that last part is just wishful thinking.

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