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Dopo Obama, L’Ultima Sfida All’Integrazione Razziale In America

Dopo Obama, perche’ non provare a descrivere quella che sara’ l’ultima sfida all’integrazione razziale (e non solo) in America?

Immaginiamoci allora le elezioni presidenziali del 2016, e come Candidato alla Presidenza una donna, con antenati ex-schiavi da parte di padre e ebrei da parte di madre.

E convertita all’islamismo.

E come suo vice un’altra donna, in sedia a rotelle.

Mezza Native American e mezza messicana.

Con la quale e’ fidanzata.

E con la quale ha un figlio ottenuto con inseminazione artificiale. E il cui padre e’ Asian-American.

Immaginiamo infine che tale Candidata alla Presidenza rappresenti il Partito Repubblicano.

Oltre, la mia immaginazione non riesce ad andare 😎

ps Dopo che Emiliano Errico ha letto il mio testo qui riportato durante la puntata di “Jefferson Ming” del 5 Novembre su Radio24, il conduttore Stefano Pistolini ha commentato riferendosi a un futuro molto piu’ probabile, per le Elezioni Presidenziali americane del 2016: Bobby Jindal, classe 1971, Governatore della Louisiana per i Repubblicani e figlio di due immigranti indiani del Punjab.

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Climate Change Explained (As the British Obsession With Weather)

A telling choice of words in the latest issue of Nature may reveal an important aspect behind the unrelenting fixation among scientists and journalists to see (global, anthropogenic) climate change everywhere and in everything:

Changing weather patterns, producing the wrong kind of snow, have transformed the population dynamics of lemmings in northern Scandinavia

The wrong kind of snow“?

That’s a very familiar phrase with every British commuter, alongside “wrong kind of leaves on the line“, “wrong kind of rain” and whatever else is quite common and should be reasonably expected (until, that is, it can be used as a bizarre excuse to mask the shortcomings of public transport, such as delayed trains).

And in fact: here’s the publisher’s presentation of a book that came out exactly a year ago: “The Wrong Kind of Snow” by Antony Woodward and Rob Penn (£9.10 on Amazon in the UK):

It’s the great British obsession and not surprisingly: no other country in the world has such unpredictable weather, with such power to rule people’s lives as we have. The Wrong Kind of Snow is the complete daily companion to this British phenomenon. From the Spanish Armada to the invention of the windscreen wiper, each of the 365 entries beautifully illustrates a day in the weird and wonderful history of the British and their weather.

And in fact: where do the authors of the “Lemmings Doomed by Climate Change” (“Population biology: Case of the absent lemmings“) article work?

Tim Coulson and Aurelio Malo are in the Department of Life Sciences, Silwood Park Campus, Imperial College London, Ascot, Berkshire UK

And in fact: where is “Nature” managed from? Why,

The Macmillan Building, London, United Kingdom

And in fact: what major news organization immediately picked up the “Lemmings” story and published it without a comment in an unsigned article? Of course: the British Broadcasting Corporation, aka the “BBC”.

And so when in a few years’ time people will be scrambling to explain the absence of catastrophic climate change, expect the blame to be placed on this: the wrong kind of Anthropogenic Global Warming!

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent: In October 2008, Fastest Ever Growth

As expected a few days ago: October 2008 has seen the fastest Arctic sea ice extent growth ever recorded. According to the data published by IARC-JAXA, the amount of growth has reached 3,481,575 square kilometers for the month, or 112,319 sq km per day on average.

The previous maximum was October 2007, with 3,330,937 sq km for the month and 107,450 sq km per day on average. Record shrinkage remains July 2007, with 2,913,593 sq km lost and 93,987 sq km per day on average.

Growth should be starting levelling off now. November values could be as high as 2,179,844 sq km (2002) or as low as 964,688 sq km (2006).

UPDATE NOV 6: I should have known it. OF COURSE the above is an indication that Climate Change is upon us. Read this comment by Georg Hoffman at Tamino’s:

So I would make the specific prevision that 1) a seasonal cycle will show up in sea ice data and 2) due to 1) the october/november increase and the may/june decrease of seaice will become bigger and faster. I might check that with CMIP model data but I am pretty sure that this is what the model show

Here’s a link for the “CMIP model“. It never ceases to amaze me how elastic AGW theory truly is.