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EU's 20-20-20: Travesty or Scam?

A few interesting facts about the European Union “Climate Pact”, aka “20-20-20“:

(1) EU’s current CO2 emissions are 14% of the world’s

(2) 20-20-20 will reduce that by 20%. Even if everybody else’s emissions don’t grow in the next 12 years, the overall reduction will be 14×0.2=2.8%. Therefore, instead of emitting 100, in the best circumstances the world will emit 97.2

(3) Given the logarithmic nature of the greenhouse effect, log(97.2)/log(100)=99.38

(4) The EU is therefore planning to spend 0.66% of its PIL for 12 years (total: 7.92% of a single year’s PIL) to ameliorate the world’s temperature by 100%-99.38%=6.2 tenths of a percent.

(5) Think about the efficiency: a grand total of 8 hundredths of a percent of cooling for each % of PIL.

Still wondering why not everybody is enthusiastic about “20-20-20”?

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thank you Will. I wonder if they’d be better off in actually trying to do just the one thing (invest in innovation) rather than load everything up with emission targets

I think the expectation, certainly the hope, would be that increasing the cost of traditional energy sources will lead to innovation in new types of renewal energy, which will lead to a outcome with a more significant impact. The analogy is somewhat like new consumer technologies, i.e., a high definition disk format is initially expensive and unattractive but over time costs reduce and adoption scales up.

Personally, I’d prefer to see direct government investment in horizon technologies like Fusion than simply raising taxes and hoping the marketplace will solve the problem for everyone.

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