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If Whitened Cities Will Cool The World…

…doesn’t that mean that greyed-out cities have warmed the very same world?

I was going to post something along those lines tonight but I just noticed JPL kind of beat me to it (via Watts Up With That?).

In fact: let’s assume Hashem Akbari is right, and “higher albedo surfaces (roofs and pavements) directly cool the globe” and we better get the UN “to install cool roof/pavement in 100 largest cities“.

But in the past 100 years or so we did cover vast areas of the planet with rather grey tarmac/asphalt, in the form for example of road networks and airports.

Those have obviously lowered the overall albedo, directly WARMING the globe. Isn’t that one additional little dent against the “It’s all fault of humanity’s CO2” obsession, or what?

ps just wait until somebody states that old people are more friendly to the environment, because a white hairdo has a very high albedo

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Hello! I am delighted to have just found (and bookmarked) your blog.

The albedo question is illustrative (and should I say “illuminating”?) in multiple ways.
Given the recent JPL report crediting pavement, etc. with 75% of Los Angeles’ warming of the last century, and given the abundant research (from Livermore Labs and elsewhere) that proves a direct correlation between the UHI effect, health ‘costs’ (respiratory distress/other) and other real costs (additional energy costs for A/C as a result of higher ambient temps), I’m quite surprised that the greenies have not chosen to make their stand on this issue rather than CO2-induced AGW.

I state that this is illustrative because it follows a prior pattern on the part of the libs. Case(s) in point: The ‘Free Tibet’ bumper sticker movement: Here we have what I would call a ‘distant’ issue–distant not only in geographical terms but in the fact that taking action on it–real action–is a far remote possibility (arguably in impossibility, since who wants to go to war w/China over Tibet?). Yet these folks are willing to wear this issue on their sleeve, shed tears, do ‘lamentation and hope’ dances, and scream ‘Free Tibet!’ at the top of their lungs. They’ll ask others to fix the problem for them. What would it take to actually ‘free’ Tibet? Look to the little Iraq situation for an example–and look at their stand on this issue.

If they’re going to force action at the individual level, why not start by mandating high-albedo roofs, roads and parking lots? Or mandate a certain tree canopy coverage? They don’t do this because it lacks the sentimentality, emotionalism and ‘distant’ (read: won’t get dirty from it) characteristics of the ‘blame CO2’ demon.

There are real, measurable benefits to increasing albedo in our urban areas (and sellers of sunglasses would be delighted). I’m not a fan of gov’t mandating anything, but am simply a citizen surprised (but I shouldn’t be) at how silly the and ignorant the greenies are on this issue.

David Y.

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