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Aggiornamenti Polari: Orsi OK, Ghiaccio OK

Due brevissimi aggiornamenti a post recentissimi:

  1. Il WWF ha confermato (fra le righe) che la storia degli orsi polari prossimi all’affogamento era una bufala giornalistica, inventata al Daily Mail e bevuta da tanti giornali e TV anche in Italia. Il Daily Mail ha rimosso l’articolo dal suo sito.
  2. Andrew Revkin del New York Times spiega nel suo blog come le immagini da satellite con il mare Artico senza ghiaccio non sono tutte cosi’ facili da interpretare: potrebbe esserci anche molto ghiaccio, nelle zone considerate “libere”, ma sotto certe condizioni non si vedrebbe niente nelle mappe aggiornate giornalmente. Anzi, e’ quasi certo che le notizie sul polo nord circumnavigabile per la prima volta nella storia dell’uomo, siano sbagliate.
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Polar Bears and Journalistic Fantasies

Has the London-based Daily Mail just pulled a deceiving article?

Click here for more details of how the chance spotting of 9 swimming polar bears two weeks ago has been used to inspire a pretty-much baseless news story of drowning bears last Saturday. And how that article, after worrying lots of people in many countries, cannot be found any longer on the original newspaper’s website…

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Polar Bears: Has the Daily Mail Just Pulled a Deceiving Article?

In my “Maurizio Morabito” blog in Italian, I have been following for the last few days the developing story of drowning polar bears, lost at sea after “the ice float they lived on melted”.

The story (“The heartbreaking picture of the polar bears with 400 miles to swim to the nearest ice “) (UPDATED LINK) originated in the pages of the Daily Mail, likely on Saturday Aug 30, and was immediately distributed in Italy by daily La Repubblica.

Trouble is, that story is, shall I dare say this, “not true”. And tonight, it looks like it has been pulled off the Daily Mail website altogether. (UPDATE: it survives of course in hundreds more)


Actually, the story is based on something that has happened, and was reported by the WWF on Aug 22: nine polar bears have been spotted (by chance) swimming near Alaska. One of them was at least 60 miles from land.

But the Daily Mail article, by a Barry Wigmore, “embellished” the original story with so many incorrect details, the end result was abysmally not-true and deceiving.

A couple of days ago the WWF published some clarifying statements. From those it would be easy to spot where Wigmore’s article basically made things up. But as I said, the Daily Mail website has “lost” the page.

Here it is, saved from another website:

So which bits were patently baseless?

  1. 400 miles to swim to the nearest ice” (wrong: the WWF confirms nobody knows where the bears are, and when spotted, none of them was more than 60 miles away from the nearest land or ice)
  2. Struggling against the waves” (wrong: the bear in the picture is simply looking back to the helicopter where the pictures are being taken from, and whose rotors are causing the waves)
  3. polar bear faces almost certain death” (wrong: the WWF makes the point that polar bears are strong animals, and “a polar bear in the water, even one far from land or ice, is not always a polar bear that needs saving”
  4. becoming lost at sea” (made-up: there is no way to know if the bears were or were not just doing what polar bears have done innumerable times in the past)
  5. the creatures’ homing instinct has sent them north” (made-up: the WWF reports nothing on the direction the bears have been heading. Actually, there is no practical way to find any of them)
  6. the World Wide Fund for Nature, said it was considering asking the U.S. government to send a ship” (made-up: the WWF press releases say nothing of the sort)


Last night I did send a comment to the Daily Mail urging the article’s author to check his facts.

Anyway: now that the story is not there any longer, conscious that it will linger on for years on many websites, thinking about how many people are needlessly worried by this story sexied-up to the point of not being true any longer, one can only reflect sadly at the sorry status of English and Italian journalism, trying to pass a fiction piece as a real story and/or gobbling it up without bothering to check the original sources.

Finally, since I criticized them in the past, I want to add that I appreciate the fact that the BBC News web site has not fallen for Wigmore’s drowning polar bear fantasy.

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Reggio e Messina, Un Blog da Non Perdere

Il blog LA PAGINA di Peppe Caridi e’ insuperabile per quanto riguarda notizie e fotografie da entrambe le sponde dello Stretto.

Vivamente consigliato!!!

ps E’ davvero difficile immaginare che cominci a tessere le lodi di Veltroni (ma ultimamente, non le farebbe neanche la zia del segretario del PD)

pps da non perdere neanche i reportage e le previsioni meteo. Peppe e’ anche uno dei motori principali di Meteoweb – il meteoportale del Mediterraneo di cui segnalo anche il Forum.

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