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AGW Disaster at the IGC Meeting?

A whole scientific conference with a session on climate has gone by, but for some reason there’s been no mention of it in any major media sources. Actually, RealClimate talks about it in non-concealed disconcerted terms.

The International Geological Congress must have been some kind of disaster for the AGW crowd.

Will it be enough to demonstrate that there is a sizable community of “climate contrarians”, that is scientists that don’t buy in the AGW disaster “consensus”? Is this list enough to stop people from saying that climate skeptics’ numbers are “dwindling”?

I guess not.

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There appears to have been much head-scratching among the RealClimate commentators – I mean, what on earth could prevent all those geologists from affirming en masse the reality and urgency of AGW? Maybe they are dangerously out of touch, lost in their own little geological world. Or they might be pawns of sinister Norwegian Big Oil. Or both. That must be it. Airy-fairy fantasists and devious corporate clones, all at the same time. Now that describes the average rockhound to a T, doesn’t it; or maybe it does in the RealClimate universe, anyway.

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