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In Georgia, Game, Set and Match for Russia

Is President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia a Russian agent?

Surely with his still-unexplained decision to move troops into South Ossetia on the day of the Olympics, he’s become the best thing that happened to Russia since the day oil prices started going up. What friend of Putin and Medvedev would ever be able to accomplish such an impressive series of pro-Russian feats:

  • Demonstrating that Russia is the Power in charge in the Caucasus
  • Showing that for all its rhetoric, the USA and NATO have no willingness to help whatever “ally” finds itself in the wrong situation against Russia
  • Restoring Russian pride in its military, with a swift and comprehensive victory, including a seemingly-unstoppable invasion of Tbilisi-controlled Georgia
  • Allowing the Moscow government to bask in diplomatic glory and magnanimity, refusing to bring the conflict to its logical conclusion (the occupation of Tbilisi)

Now that Saakashvili has achieved its aims, perhaps he should just gracefully step down and let a new, pro-Russian government draft a federal constitution for Georgia/Abkhazia/South Ossetia.

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Well, I am cautious in delivering judgement, as any judgement about this Russia/West confrontation is tinted with personal political affiliation and sympathies. Are you pro or against ? one asks oneself, according if he is pro-russian or pro-US or whatever.
As the USA , thanks to president Bush, has lost much of its credibility, now the New look post-Iraq is seeing Putin as a better bet- and he has more oil, bien sure, so he can talk big AND scare us all with the threat of withdrawing the precious liquor . W Putin !
This is the waning of the West, I know it is a cliché,but I declare here that we should resist, especially when I see all these photos of a Russian-sponsored site featuring the horrors of the Georgian army: how do we know it was the Georgian army and not, dare i say, the Russian army’s devastation, that same Russian army that has devastated Cecenia, famous for its cruelty ?

In the end, we believe what we want to believe. Good luck for all these new fans of the Russian Bear, they will be eaten by it.


Georgians are worst warriors i ever now. They good singers entertainers, but they never fought. Saak thought he could conquer S.O in 24 hours, but his army failed to do so, his army was 12 times bigger than present opposite joint force of s.ossetians and russian peackeapers. But i frnakly dont understand his decsision, its too stupid. He deffinatly has a problem with his head. Poor georgians and ossetians they suffered because of they dumb president.

> Showing that for all its rhetoric, the USA and NATO have no willingness to help whatever “ally” finds itself in the wrong situation against Russia

Ascars never get a good deal… If their masters were ready to sacrifice their lives for them, they would not need them in first place.

I think Saakashvili of Georgia is a Russian agent for entirely different reason. The very action that Georgia did only bolstered South Ossetia’s claim for indepdendence. South Ossetia will become, once the dust settles, a protected autonomous pronvince until “something” can be figured out. Good for Russia. Bad for Georgia. Either way, Saakashvili should get his head checked.

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