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G8 and Climate Change: the "Sad" Truth

There’s nothing like a G8 meeting to showcase what next “broken promise” might be

G8 vows to halve greenhouse gases
World leaders have agreed to set a global target of cutting carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2050 in an effort to tackle global warming…

Africa’s broken promises
Both the leaders of the industrialised world – the G8 – and the presidents of Africa are failing to keep the promises they made at Gleneagles summit in Scotland in 2005…

If I were a climate change campaigner I’d be particularly angry at the result. Richard Black at the BBC sounds particularly pessimistic

So far, then, this G8 summit has confused the issue rather than clarifying it.

The lasting impression is that unless there is something big happening that can be linked to global warming, Governments will simply and slowly drift away from it.

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Dear Sirs,

While carbon emissions have no discernable effect on climate, the belief they do is netting promoters of this “crisis” billions per year in return for our gullibility. Meanwhile they change nothing of their own lifestyles, though they also live on the planet they claim we are destroying.

Your website leads me to believe we have the same concerns about the profit and power grab masquerading as concern over a non-existent climate crisis. Would you help me promote to your readership, a book I have written? I had hoped if enough people read it, it would create a public backlash against this hoax. I have thus, with my own efforts, been unable to publicize this work.

This book is entitled “A Climate Crisis a la Gore.” It is organized as follows:

• Introduction – What motivated the assembly of this research for public use.
• Part 1 – excerpted ideas from Mr. Gore’s book, The Assault on Reason, regarding what he claims to be the proper and reasonable way to enter an argument or evidence in the marketplace of ideas, the forum of reason, the real power behind democracy.
• Part 2 – An event by event analysis of the claims presented by Mr. Gore in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. These are evaluated with simple logic, claims elsewhere in the documentary, the principles of reasoning found in Mr. Gore’s latest book, and against scientific research and findings regarding the subjects of his claims.
• Part 3 – A discussion of the players and special interest groups active in creating the perception of a crisis involving global climate. The history of the movement is examined, motives behind involvement, dollar amounts of profit already being reaped by the various promoters, and what else they stand to gain if America enacts carbon legislation.
• Conclusion – The coming economic storm resulting from an enactment of carbon cap-and-trade legislation and a plea to readers to contact legislators requesting any such laws be reconsidered.

Excerpts can be reviewed and the book can be ordered at by entering the title, ISBN# (978-1-4196-8684-9) or by following the link If you are willing to read or review it, I believe you would be willing to inform your readers of the contents. An informed population of voters is the only real check and balance system we can depend upon.


Paul Spite

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