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Is Global Warming Invisible?

Is “global warming” invisible, or at least very, very difficult to depict, one wonders. How else to justify image-rich weekly The Economist’s decision juxtapose to an article about “climate change talks”, a picture of a smog-choked Chinese city? A place where the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is surely the least of their pollution concerns…

Evidently they had absolutely no way to show in pictures what “climate change” and “global warming” actually look like

This goes on par with Scientific American’s inability to find 10 “pictures of a warming world “ (slides 1 and 2 are just one single “evidence”; slides 4, 5, 7 and 10 are no evidence of anything; and slide 9 may be misleading…)

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Billowing white stuff coming out of chimneys is also quite a common way of showing, er, carbon dioxide, even though it’s actually water vapour. That’s the problem – if you’re making a slideshow, movie or documentary about CO2-induced global warming, you either have to show things that aren’t directly to do with CO2 – steaming chimneys, smoggy streets etc – or other things that were also happening a lot even when the world was colder and CO2 scarcer – riverbeds drying up, hurricanes lashing palm trees, glaciers calving, etc.

Hollywood special effects can help, of course; witness the styrofoam standing in for crumbling ice shelves in An Inconvenient Truth.

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