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Iran and the Rationality of the First Nuclear War

Iran is right in trying to develop the Bomb: what else they should do, when violent foreign-sponsored political upheavals in Tehran appear in the news twice a month if not more often? (An example in Italian and another in English).

People like Michael Leeden are so preoccupied of the “Iran Bomb”, they are trying their best to make it explode.

What if they’d focus their minds not on the 1930’s and Hitler, rather on 1914, and on how a climate of distrust plus a longing for a resolutive war led many nations in a war with millions of dead (including European civilization).

How “enticing” (not!) will it be when Tehran or Tel Aviv will be pulverised, a few atom bombs will go off in other places, and then fifty or more years later flocks of scholars will be able to build their careers in the attempt of explaining how, even if all the “actors” in the crisis behaved rationally, the end result was the most gigantic idiocy in the history of the world, the First Nuclear War.

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to “St Michael Traveler”: I do not believe in the viability of a two-state solution. A three-state confederation with Jordan, on the other hand, would have some chance of survival. I am thinking of Bosnia, more than of Lebanon

May God help USA.

We need a federation of Israel-Plaestine soon with one man one vote. We can’t waste more time defending the Israeli’s foolishness attacking another country. Iraq war was started by Israel Lobby; we are the one who is paying for the war by our blood and money.

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