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Another Good Reason to Vote McCain

(read here for Four-to-One Reasons to Vote McCain)

Albert R Hunt correctly reminds his readers that “the Republican political establishment is looking to the devil to deliver them, the man many have depicted as the incarnation of evil: John McCain“. That makes the upcoming elections of relatively higher importance than usual, in the long run.

Were McCain to lose, in fact, the Nasty Faction of the US Republican Party will simply come back and drag (ruin) the GOP in several more years of rather outdated anti-liberal resentments.

If the senior Senator from Arizona succeeds instead, against incredibly powerful odds, then there could be some basis to get the whole American political system into the XXI century. Finally!


2 replies on “Another Good Reason to Vote McCain”

So one more reason to vote for McCain?

Ahh so you like the war in Iraq?
McCain is quoited as saying he doesn’t care if this war goes on for a hundred years. This is a good reason to vote for Senator McCain?

Ahhgrumph has the world gone mad?

Maurizio are you supporting this?

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