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A Place Where Climate Forecasts Should Be A Piece of Cake

Lloró, Colombia

It’s the place with the highest average annual precipitation: 523.6 inches / 13,300 millimeters of rain per year (estimated average, 29 years of records)

(note how the Google Maps photo in the link above does show Lloro shrouded by clouds)

That translates to 1.43in / 36.4mm of rain per day, every day of the year. And it looks like that’s what actually happens, as the forecast is of constant rain and thunderstorms.

There are 7,000 people living in Lloró and one can only imagine the strength of the local umbrella market.


One wonders if any climatologist will step forward with a 1-year, 5-year, 10-year climate forecast of rain for Lloró? 😎

(many thanks to RS at the Italian weather forum “Meteoweb” for writing about Lloró in the first place)

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