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Skeptics Society Confirms: AGW Skepticism Is Perfectly Legitimate

Volume 14, number 1 of “Skeptic”, the magazine of renowned American “Skeptics Society”, is partially dedicated to the topic of Global Warming.

Interestingly, the cover says “SPECIAL ISSUE: Global Warming and the Problem with Predictions […]”, with three topical articles, the first two available online in full:

  • A Climate of Belief – The claim that anthropogenic CO2 is responsible for the current warming of Earth climate is scientifically insupportable because climate models are unreliable“, by Patrick Frank
  • How We Know Global Warming is Real – The Science Behind Human-induced Climate Change“, by Tapio Schneider
  • Turning Around by 2020 – How to solve the global warming problem“, by William Calvin

Keeping in mind that, according to the Skeptic Society, “the key to skepticism is to continuously and vigorously apply the methods of science to navigate the treacherous straits between “know nothing” skepticism and “anything goes” credulity“, it is pretty much self-evident that, whilst still leaning towards Al Gore, the Skeptic Society itself recognizes that AGW skepticism is _not_ an untenable stance.

In other words, if it is true that belief in AGW is not comparable to belief in UFOs, it is also true that disbelief in UFOs is not comparable to disbelief in the Apollo lunar landings. 

Something to remind people when they scream that “the science is settled”…

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