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USA 2008: Four-to-One Reasons to Vote McCain

Four reasons to vote McCain on Nov 4, 2008

(1) Obama has said McCain is not as bad as George W Bush

(2) Hillary Clinton has said McCain is ready to be Commander-in-Chief

(3) Considerable numbers of Obama supporters say that will vote for McCain rather than for hated Hillary Clinton

(4) Considerable numbers of Hillary Clinton supporters say that will vote for McCain rather than for hated Obama

One reason not to vote McCain on Nov 4, 2008

(1) Considerable numbers of Republican supporters are as warm as liquid helium about “their” Candidate

At the rate things are going, a Gus Polinski Tribute Band will have to be recruited to provide some excitement on Election Day…

4 replies on “USA 2008: Four-to-One Reasons to Vote McCain”

No I do not like the war in Iraq. I do not think McCain likes it either, and I believe there’s lots of silly things politicians have to say to try to get elected (remember George W Bush talking of “compassionate conservatism” and of a less posturing foreing policy?).

The Iraqi imbroglio for the Americans will be solved by the first President that will have the guts to pull the troops out with no “if’s” and no “but’s”. Funny that the last time that happened it was Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon who did it.

I have no idea if Obama or McCain will or will not be up to the task (of getting the troops back home, not of becoming crooks)

Ahh — so you like the war in Iraq? All the killing of innocents — men women and children? Ours theirs and everyone’s sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers? Oh the horrific bombs and how they hurt and destroy. How the Christians are tortured, raped and driven from their homes and killed (if lucky). Aghrumph! Has the world gone mad? McCain is quoted as saying he doesn’t care of the war in Iraq goes on for a hundred years. One more reason to vote for whom?

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