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Feeling Just Fine About USA 2008

I am not that worried this year about the results of the Presidential elections in the USA.

If Hillary Clinton wins, we’ll get four years of Clintonism. Nothing to celebrate, but not that bad either.

If Barack Obama wins, we’ll get kick-started into the XXI century, with an experimentally fresh jump in the unknown (a bit like Reagan in 1981, and Clinton in 1993…).

If John McCain wins, there’ll be the steady hand of a maverick commanding the Superpower nation. Who knows, maybe like fellow ex-serviceman Eisenhower in the 1950’s, President McCain will be able to isolate the centers of power from the Military-Industrial Complex that has been pushing the USA towards an interminable series of wars and ingerences, for more than a generation.

Plenty to be optimistic about 2009 onwards then…

My personal preferences:

Obama-Clinton: Obama.
McCain-Clinton: McCain
McCain-Obama: I’d likely stay home as a sign of my approval, whatever the result.

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After 8 years of W, it is difficult to get worried about anybody else owning the Oval Office 😎

And I don’t see Sen McCain _that_ dogmatic really…

Liberal Blogosphere’s Loss of Any Legitimacy
Regarding election analysis, I have consistently found myself agreeing with the likes of Michelle Malkin, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs. That really bothers me, but this is mainly because of the Dr. Strangelove obsession that white and black, elitist Leftist activists have with Senator Barack Hussein Obama. This group via the leftist and liberal blogospheres have established Senator Barack Hussein Obama as The Boy in the Bubble. Nothing bad can ever be said about him. No tough questions are allowed. All his negatives are not negatives but a product of his being black in America.

The Clintonista Post

Thank you for the post.
But Billary: never !
The woman is perfidious , venomous and a liar. Just like her husband. We had enough of presidential dynasties.

Of course I prefer Obama, at least he’s sexy.

It is not clear at all why you like McCain, who is a dangerous dogmatic figure.

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