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Books on Climate Change (NOT for AGWers…) – Updated Apr 7, 2008

Not the usual list, from the ClimateSceptics Yahoo group:

(my contribution: links to where there are any)

  • Essex and McKitrick, “Taken by Storm“, revised edition 2008 ($13.57)

  • Klyashtorin and Lyubushin, “Climate Changes and Fish Productivity”, 2005 ($59)
  • This book was published in Russian in 2005. It has been translated and edited in English for western readers. It considers relationships between climate changes and fish productivity of ocean ecosystems.

    Analyses of climate index fluctuations and populations of major commercial fish species for the last 1500 years allowed us to characterize the 50-70 year climate fluctuations and fish production dynamics. Our simple stochastic model suggests that it is possible to predict the likely trends of basic climatic indices and thus some commercial fish populations for several decades ahead. The results we obtained allowed us to revisit and illuminate the old question: which factors are more influential for the long-term fluctuations of major commercial stocks, climate or commercial fisheries?

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Dan re the “climatologists” of IPCC:

One of the lead authors of AR4 and the summary for policy makers was the Greenpeace International Campaign Director, who has been esconced for the last 4 years as a “visiting scientist” at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Impacts in Germany. He is described as on “paid sabbattical” by Greenpeace. He is still active within Greenpeace and is a prominent figure in the global Climate Action Network, comprising some 300 plus NGO groups from around the world. His name is Dr Bill Hare and everything above is referenced. I have searched many times for his qualifications and nothing ever appears. When he speaks at international conferences which he has done with great regularity over the years, the speaker notes never include any details for him, whereas other speakers have bio’s and qualifications attached. He joined Greenpeace in 1992 after a previous activist career with the Australian Campaign against Nuclear Power and the Australian Conservation Federation. Obviously someone who will take an objective approach.

When you put him alongside Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, who is a railway engineer by training, and later became an economist and bureaucrat, you have two significant spokespeople for IPCC who have doubtful qualification to be in that position and are working to a specific agenda which has precious little to do with real science.

Dan, you mention your wife is an oceanographer, I suggest she read this article by Dr. Robert E. Stevenson, the eminent oceanographer who died in 2002. “Yes, the Ocean Has Warmed; No, It’s Not ‘Global Warming’

“Contrary to recent press reports that the oceans hold the still-undetected global atmospheric warming predicted by climate models, ocean warming occurs in 100-year cycles, independent of both radiative and human influences. ”

He was Secretary General of the International Association for the Physical Science of the Oceans from 1987 to 1995, and worked as an oceanographer for the U.S. Office of Naval Research for 20 years.

[…] omnologos wrote an interesting post today on Books on Climate Change (NOT for AGWers…)Here’s a quick excerptSinger and Avery, “Unstoppable Global Warming every 1500 years“, 2007 ($13,57). Essex and McKitrick, “Taken by Storm“, revised edition 2008 ($13.57). Roy Spencer, “CLIMATE CONFUSION: How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, … […]


“An Appeal To Reason: A Cool Look At Global Warming is published in the UK by Duckworth on April 10 at £9.99. It can be ordered via the number provided by the Daily Mail (p&p free) on 0845 606 4206, or online at It will be published in New York on May 13 by Overlook.”

recommended at

Also Essex, McKitrick, and Spencer have all published articles in the peer reviewed climatological literature.

However – listen, I’m not a climatologist myself, and it’s not my field. But you have to wonder why people like Leroux are trying to trying to argue that anthropogenic global warming is a myth in the popular media, and not doing so in proper science forums.

Does he have one peer-reviewed study showing that atmospheric CO2 does not correlate with warmer global mean temperatures? Every graph I’ve seen, both with my wife’s data (she’s an oceanographer), the NASA Earth Observatory, the IPCC reports, etc., has shown correlations across the board. That’s pretty convincing in and of itself. And when the AGU, AMS, AAAS, NAS, and IPCC all come out unanimously affirming consensus (they’re the experts afterall, not me) I have to wonder what the heck this Leroux fellow is trying to bullshit us with.

I stand corrected, Leroux may indeed be a climatologist. Still, if you’d like to pretend that the IPCC was not written primarily by climatologists and geophysicists, then you’re rather mistaken.


Apart from the fact that Leroux for example IS a climatologist, and the Boeing engineers had to show the 747 as able to fly before selling it (they couldn’t just escape with “it will fly in 2040”)…

what have you got to argue against all the people working in the IPCC, that are not climatologists or geophysicists?

You gotta love it how so many people think that they know climatology and geophysics better than the climatologists and geophysicists.

I think I’m going to go tell a Boeing engineer that 747’s don’t really fly now.

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