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The Blackboard: On the Magnitude of Warming

(thanks to Douglas Hoyt for pointing to these interesting blogs)

From The Blackboard:

  1. Comparing IPCC Projections to Individual Measurement Systems
  2. Accounting For ENSO: Cochrane Orcutt

Note: author Lucia says “I believe AGW to be true, but since I am willing to pro-actively test projections against data during what appears to be a “stall” in warming, much of my audience consists of skeptics“.

Let me state that’s the worst indictment I have ever read of the mindset of most AGW believers…

Among the results of the first blog: “what this data indicates is that if and when warming resumes, it will likely occur at a rate that is lower than projected by the IPCC. So, while the trends will turn up they are unlikely to reach the 2C/century of warming“.

And two of the conclusions of the second: “Did the IPCC recent AR4 prediction/projections correctly estimate the magnitude of warming? (no). Did the IPCC correctly communicate the uncertainty in their estimate of the central tendency based on their hierarchy of models? (no).

In a better world, these results would be celebrated…not sure how many in the AGW world and lobbies will be happy, though…

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Books on Climate Change (NOT for AGWers…) – Updated Apr 7, 2008

Not the usual list, from the ClimateSceptics Yahoo group:

(my contribution: links to where there are any)

  • Essex and McKitrick, “Taken by Storm“, revised edition 2008 ($13.57)

  • Klyashtorin and Lyubushin, “Climate Changes and Fish Productivity”, 2005 ($59)
  • This book was published in Russian in 2005. It has been translated and edited in English for western readers. It considers relationships between climate changes and fish productivity of ocean ecosystems.

    Analyses of climate index fluctuations and populations of major commercial fish species for the last 1500 years allowed us to characterize the 50-70 year climate fluctuations and fish production dynamics. Our simple stochastic model suggests that it is possible to predict the likely trends of basic climatic indices and thus some commercial fish populations for several decades ahead. The results we obtained allowed us to revisit and illuminate the old question: which factors are more influential for the long-term fluctuations of major commercial stocks, climate or commercial fisheries?

    Publishing Houses “Science” and “Science Export Co” offer you the book (VNIRO Publishing. 230 pages , 160 figures, 2 color insets) for US$59 (hard cover) including mailing. You Can Order It:

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