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Boris Winterhalter's Climate Blog (in Finnish)

Boris “Boba” Winterhalter, Retired Senior Research Scientist (marine geology) has just opened a new blog about climate: “Ilmastonmuutos –
Ilmastoskeptikon mielipiteitä
” that must mean something like “Climate Change – Skeptical Opinions on Climate“.

It’s in Finnish. I wish I could read it myself!!

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Thanks Maurizio for advertising my blogs. Actually there are two blogs, deals mainly with political issues and my critique of the offical climate doctrine in Finland. The other covers mainly scientific issues related to the hype of climate change.

The fact that the blogs are in Finnish and not in English is the fact that there are a good number of excellent blogs, yours incöuded, on the hype.

Keepe up the good work and I’ll try to follow along in Finnish



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