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Ride a Bike, Save the Planet (get killed in the process)

Fancy “Cyclehero” video on YouTube shows people riding towards sunset in a bid to save the planet from Climate Change.

The metaphor may be more apt than originally intended. As (push-)bike riding kills you 3.54 times more than walking, by switching to pedals you’ll be soon riding into the sunset for good…

…towards an untimely death, that is!

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Yes, there is a risk to be killed in a road, but it is not as high as to be killed by your own bad health related problems.
Be fat, sit in office, have heart attack and die. Or ride a bicycle, have good gear, have flashing back-light, have a on-helmet-mirror – and you are much safer then otherwise.

Why would you tell people whom love biking that it could damage your health. Also why should we belive you? I am really pissed of about that i love biking and your stoping peoplr from thinking they can save this world. Do you??

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