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Sizing Up the Body of Evidence for Global Warming

In today’s IHT, climate scientist Dr. Ignatius Rigor accuses “climate skeptics” of taking “a few small pieces of the puzzle to debunk global warming, and ignore the whole picture” that has been reported last year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC.

I recommend everybody to read the IPCC reports indeed.

They will thus discover that 96% of the reported changes (Working Group II) concern just the continent of Europe.

Actually, there are twice as many European changes incompatible with warming, than worldwide changes compatible with it.

Europe, by the way, occupies just 2% of the Earth’s surface.

The “whole picture” on global warming is unbelievably far from complete. Why don’t the IPCC and climate and environmental scientists push for a truly planet-wide assessment?

ps no, the results of a model cannot be used as “evidence”.

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Man, I love this site! I work with a bunch of Whining leftists who think we should be ashamed for raising a family in the U.S.A. Why are we always wrong , and the rest of the socialist world is always right?

It’s the weather. Get over it. If it is cold put on a coat. If it is hot get a tan. You can’t change it and if you could it would make it worse. So quit ruin’in my life.


I am not adverse to any model.

What I am saying is simply, that a model is a model, not “evidence”. Evidence can only come from the real world.

If we are experiencing global warming why are we freezing? In Elko, Nevada winter started in mid September. In one week the temperature dropped from 90 degrees Fahrenheit to freezing. We had turn off airconditioning and turn on central heating in the same week. Winter was too long and too cold we had at least one month with day time temperatures warming up to 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
I am sceptical about global warming.

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