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Tipping Points (yawn)

New year, new report SUGGESTING a list of “tipping points” that “COULD occur this century” (my emphasis).

For me the most interesting bit is what has been left out. No mention of hurricanes…

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FYI, “numberwatch” is a great website, but the list of things caused by “global warming” are meant to be a joke as much of them contradict each other, it is just a list of what has been claimed by AGW believers as caused by global warming! Essentially anything and everything that fits the bill or can be claimed to do so.

The cosmic close encounters of planets with the Earth during the Bronze and Iron ages discussed on my website, were infinitely more traumatic than anything experienced in the modern era. Once the world realizes the extent of the recent catastrophism, which is detailed in the sacred myths of all cultures, any concerns about the piddlin geologic and climatic changes being wrought by mankind should be put to rest.
The entire atmosphere and oceans of a living planet, which I call priori-Mars (Baal in the Bible), were blasted to the Earth from a distance of only 33,000 km over a period of 3000 years. During those one hundred encounters, each of which lasted fifteen years, continuous earthquakes wracked the entire Earth, (fixed) tides in northern India stood at 5000 ft. (Siwalik deposits) and the Mediterranean and Red Seas were emptied (Messenian Salinity Crisis). Evidence that the entire atmosphere was altered is evidenced by the changing corrections required for radiocarbon dating between 6000 and 2500 years BP.
Priori-Mars, which was the origin of most of the deities in the myths, left the vicinity of the earth in 687 BC by splitting into two pieces; the solid iron core drifted into the inner solar system and, after interacting with Venus for a few centuries, became the ‘planet’ Mercury while the mantle, containing the remaining liquid core collapsed in on itself to become the barren ‘planet’ Mars which mysteriously seems to have lost all its water. Because its surface features were visible to mankind when close to the earth, the myths include a number of images of features now being imaged by the Mars scientific probes, the best example being the hieroglyph ‘the eye of Ra,’ which is the spittin’ image of the Valles Marineris.
Talk about a tipping point! See my blogs at
John Ackerman

I find it interesting that the writers have warned that “society should not be lulled into a false sense of security”. It is difficult to keep people permanently worried, especially when nothing very significant seems to be going on – my take on this is that they are trying to address the problem that instead of accelerating sea level rises, heatwaves, stronger hurricanes etc happening RIGHT NOW, or real soon, most of the extreme weather events going on at the moment seem to be related to ice and snow.

I also notice that “could” quietly becomes “will” further down the page.

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