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A New Entry For Numberwatch

What a surprise! Numberwatch, the site listing a total of more than 480 “things caused by global warming”, doesn’t have this “new entry”:

The Ocean’s Biological Deserts Are Expanding” by Richard A. Kerr – ScienceNOW Daily News – 25 January 2008

Everybody: please PLEASE, whatever your concern is, DO NOT ever make it descend into a farce, following the sad path of AGW.

(on the other hand: with 480+ consequences to choose from, perhaps it can be said that AGW is true no matter what. As the saying goes, not even the astrologer can guess it wrong all of the time)

English EU Europe

Go Serbia!!!

Let’s hope the news don’t change through the night.

This is just a step towards uniting Europe (the really big push forward can only come from the EU itself: sadly, the Netherlands of Srebrenica memory are among those refusing to play fair, at the moment, together with Belgium and its inability to do much about the Rwanda genocide).

Still, a Tadic victory goes (would go) in the right direction.

Berlusconi Italiano Partito Democratico Politica Veltroni

Di Cosa Si Puo’ Parlare nel Partito Democratico?

Dell’eredita’ comunista? No. Dell’eredita’ democristiana? No. Dei dettami della CEI? Neppure. Dell’importanza della laicita’? Manco per niente.

Ecco spiegato perche’ Walter e’ il leader insipido di un partito ancora crudo.

Non disperiamo: esiste una cosa di cui si puo’ parlare, nel Partito Democratico (a parte lo spartirsi delle poltrone). Si chiama Berlusconi e ha il gran merito di unire la politica italiana: o con lui, o contro di lui.

E quindi quei poveretti del PD non possono che pregare che Silvio sia politicamente attivo per lustri a venire.