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Attention All AGW Utterers of the words "Denial" and "Denier"

To: All believers in Anthropogenic Climate Change that use the words “denial” and “denier” to address skepticism

Dear Vocabulary Fascists

I am perfectly aware of the fact that one should never suppose malice where incompetence would amply suffice.

For this reason I will keep up the hope that one day you will be able to recognize how profoundly unjust it is to equate anybody not following your “party line” to those that deny the Holocaust. And how likely it is that many will interpret your behavior as a sign that all is not well in the field of AGW.

If you have problems debating in public and would rather claim infallibility I can only recommend a career in the Papacy.


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Congratulations Peter for having been able to pack so much nonsense in one single comment. There must be a prize for that. You remind me of those people who’d accept democracy if only everybody would agree to vote for them. And all rants about a global conspiracy are meaningless around here, since I do not believe in a global conspiracy (going either way).

I have no problems debating in public, I do have problems debating with ignorance, stupidity, oil-funded misinformation and an inability to ever learn anything, but to repeat endlessly no matter how many times your allegations have been debunked. You are cult members, it’s a paranoid cult where the scientists are conspiring to make you poor, destroy you jobs, blight your countryside and devour your children. I have witnessed an array of the truly mentally-challenged, and all think there’s a global conspiracy, though they may differ on the culprits, take you pick; Al Gore, the Illuminati, hippies, wind turbines makers, and an amorphous international gang known only as The Greens. Who appear to scare you shitless. I don’t know what trauma set you off on this contrarian and really very silly anti-science crusade, but you should know… you are being manipulated and sold out. Trump having recently joined in and bought himself an anti-wind group to protect the view from his proposed but never to be built golfcourse, will kick the bitch out when she bores him. You’re all being mugged off by the rich and powerful who have everything to lose. Sad that you were such gullible fools that you fell for it.

For sure, the question of who is believer and who is denier will bring us not very much further, because the question should be: who is competent, wherby the competence could be tested on a subject raised by: http://www.oceanclimate as follows (excerpt):
“Why is IPCC ignoring events, which would tell whether carbon dioxide (CO2) is warming the world, or whether the matter should be understood better in the first place? Such a case raising concern is the dramatic drop of winter temperatures in Northern Europe starting in winter 1939/40, which proved to become a global cooling for four decades. ”
Full text:; Was it a matter of naval war? :

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