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Meteoweb: Dove Il (Tempo) Bello E’ Cio’ Che Piace

Invito gli appassionati di meteorologia ad iscriversi come me al Forum di “Meteoweb”, la ONLUS basata a Reggio Calabria e dedicata ai fenomeni atmosferici: uno dei pochi posti al mondo, probabilmente, dove il cattivo tempo e’ fonte di gioia, e le belle giornate una vera tragedia…

AGW Omniclimate Skepticism

Attention All AGW Utterers of the words "Denial" and "Denier"

To: All believers in Anthropogenic Climate Change that use the words “denial” and “denier” to address skepticism

Dear Vocabulary Fascists

I am perfectly aware of the fact that one should never suppose malice where incompetence would amply suffice.

For this reason I will keep up the hope that one day you will be able to recognize how profoundly unjust it is to equate anybody not following your “party line” to those that deny the Holocaust. And how likely it is that many will interpret your behavior as a sign that all is not well in the field of AGW.

If you have problems debating in public and would rather claim infallibility I can only recommend a career in the Papacy.


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Bush and Clinton Forever

A roadmap to from 1989 to…2057

Americans under the age of 45 have never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot, either in the Presidential or Vice Presidential slot. (President George Herbert Walker Bush was on the winning 1980 republican ticket as Ronald Reagan’s VP.)

Americans under the age of 37 have never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot as the choice for President.

AGW catastrophism Omniclimate Policy

Atomic Scientists: Population and Climate Change

Just a link for now to the ongoing debate at