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The Best Thing about all Adam Sandler’s Movies

There’s this group of actors that are like recurring characters, appearing in all movies starring Adam Sandler. Somehow they are getting older together, obviously having fun making one movie or another.

Some of them (read: Rob Schneider, the extraordinary “Asian Minister” in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry“) are actually so much better in a supporting role, that one would hope a busier schedule by Mr Sandler would keep them away from egregiously bad movies

As for INPYCL…it’s gross, funny, painful and uplifting. A documentary more than a movie…it would be worth watching (but keep the kids away…) even if only for the Richard Chamberlain and Mary Pat Gleason cameos.

Too bad most critics simply “don’t get it”. Or perhaps I am just of the right age (i.e. most of the cast’s)??

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I love Adam Sandler movies! It is nice to be surprised by seeing the same actors play characters that are hard to recognize. My personal favorites are Little Nicky, Billy Madison, Mr. Deeds and Click. Sometimes I like to cook dinner and watch his old movies and have a great time laughing my heart out.

Adam Sandler’s movies are great. I can’t remember a movie of him where I find it boring and non sense. My favorite movie by Adam Sandler would be ‘click’, it made me cry and that movie has many valuable lessons and life reality experience that we can learn from.

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