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The Best Reason to Avoid Becoming a Drug Addict

Forget dangers for your health, for your social life, for your job. Forget the risk of ending up prematurely aged and/or dead and/or in a dirty room and/or in jail.

The best reason to avoid becoming a drug addict (of any kind of “illegal” drug) is that State and society, including the Government, the vast majority of Parliamentarians, most Justices, a good many Police officers and an overwhelming number of fellow citizens will see you as a sub-human to mistreat and anyway deserving whatever comes your way.

Hence little practical help, zero understanding, zero tolerance, absurd jail terms, forced detox therapies, effective abandonement into the “careful” hands of drug dealers, and the risk of finding oneself without the necessary medicines and any chance to call one’s doctor, in case of arrest.

Perhaps that’s the unconscious goal of the War on Drugs that we have been losing for almost 40 years…the blackmail of being either a non-addicted good citizen, or treated as dung.

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It is difficult to truly know and understand.

I can see how I must be grouped as those with -0- understanding and tolerance yet I truly abhor intolerance.

Also there are those of us who are sucked into becoming dependent on legal drugs prescribed by physicians -for- our health — truly serious health problems for which there is no easy answer. Yet are we/they also addicts who will prematurely age and whose lives will wilt away?

In life, on growing older, it becomes more difficult to judge, feeling sympathy for those caught in a web who cannot climb out and those who look down without feeling for the trapped.

Perhaps drug addicts have become so inadvertently; are their lives hopeless? Is this true of those who take illegal drugs as well as those who are caught up into legally prescribed drugs?

We see through a glass darkly… .

maribelle: it would help very much the tobacconists’ cause though, if somebody would finally invent a cigarette putting out no smoke at all…

any kind of prohibitionism tries to divide mankind into lepers and humans. that applies to tobacco as well, even tho’ it is a (so far) legal drug.

the problem here is not addiction but use. and placing grass at the same level of “danger” as heroin is devious meanspiritedness.

at any rate, i AM a sub-human and PROUD of it! 🙂

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