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Against the Prevailing Gloom

[…] To the further advancement of science, nothing indeed can operate more prejudicially than an over-estimate of what has been accomplished. We are too apt to believe that “we are the people, and wisdom shall perish with us“. Dazzled with the present, we detect nothing in the gloom beyond. […] that, in short, of time, space and labor, there can be any considerable contractions, beyond those which have been effected within the memories of men now living; are propositions much less frequently entertained than the other, which detects the Ultima Thule of human research in the current epoch […]

From: “What Great Exhibitions Teach“, The New York Times, June 29, 1853

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Cannabis: Problemi di Memoria in Cassazione…

Verrebbe da chiedersi… “ma che fumano?”

Cassazione, vietato coltivare cannabis – Anche se si tratta di una sola piantina

[…] La sentenza di oggi, però, smentisce quella del 10 maggio dello scorso anno. Allora la VI Sezione Penale della Suprema Corte aveva annullato la decisione della corte d’Appello di Roma che aveva condannato un giovane per aver coltivato nel proprio fondo cinque piante di marijuana. La Cassazione aveva assolto il ragazzo perché il fatto non sussisteva, individuando una netta differenza tra la coltivazione in senso tecnico e la detenzione per uso personale. Sostenendo che la cosiddetta coltivazione “domestica” era equiparata alla detenzione per uso personale, ragione per cui la condanna del giovane romano era stata annullata senza rinvio.


Snow in Baghdad

The BBC and other news outlets report that “Snow has fallen in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, for the first time in living memory […] Mohammed Abdul-Hussein, 63 and retired, told the Associated Press he had heard from his father when he was young that snow fell in the early 1940s on the outskirts of northern Baghdad.

I have looked at the archives of The New York Times and there is a indeed at least one reference to that snow storm.

MANY TURKS, GREEKS PERISH IN BLIZZARD; Snow Halts Istanbul Traffic, Cripples Rail Services
Special Broadcast to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
January 12, 1942, Monday
Page 2, 249 words

No matter…this is going to be used as “evidence for climate change” in any case…