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Yikes! I Have Received Money From Exxon!!!

I have a confession to make.

I got paid for my TCS article whose title I cannot quote for fear of being marked as spam.

Now, as TCS got (gets?) funds from Exxon, that obviously means I have received money from Exxon myself!

The article was of my initiative (not commissioned in advance) but surely that is too feeble an excuse. Also, the amount we are talking about is enough to provide me a few months of access to the internet from home, but that is not an excuse either.

All of the above means anything and everything I have and will ever say about Climate Change is forever tainted and can just be disregarded in advance.

(chorus) Amen!

p.s. If somebody knows how many trees I should plant to redeem my soul, please let me know ASAP.

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Bear in mind that any trees planted in the northern hemisphere are actually evil, planet-warming trees that reduce the Earth’s albedo and aid and abet the nasty capitalists. In that case, for your penance, twenty mangroves and a Hail Mary should do the trick.

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