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IHT Ends 2007 On High Climate-Related Notes

In the Dec 28, 2007 edition, Prof. Daniel B. Botkin makes a point I have been stating for at least three years about idiotic, over-the-top forecasts of climate doom: “Thirty years from now, we will probably not be interested in today’s specific computer forecasts, but we may have lost our faith in science, a deeper and, to me, a more important problem”.

In the same paper, Letters section, reader Richard Nimo deals shortly and effectively with the IHT’s own article on a tropical illness purportedly spreading over the world due to climate change: “Regarding the article “A tropical epidemic – in northern Italy” (Dec. 22): The tiger mosquito has spread to Europe and the United States – but not because of global warming. This mosquito can live in either warm or cold climates. It has spread because it can be transported easily and can breed in very small containers of stagnant water such as trash, tree holes or old tires.

There needs to be more funding and international cooperation to develop vaccines for mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and Chikungunya. Dengue infects hundreds of thousands of people annually, and it kills tens of thousands. – Richard Nimo, Bangkok“.

There is of course a huge number of acritical, often baseless reports on global warming on the IHT too, but it is good to see there is still space for pieces like the two above.