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The Uncomparable Life and Death of the Most Famous Pakistani Leader

Whatever one could think of her and her many defects, there will undeniably be a time-before and a time-after the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

And that should be enough to establish that she wasn’t just “the daughter of <somebody>”.

Even her assassination has been a very special event. Gunshots followed by a bomb? Virtually unheard of. Al Qaeda it ain’t! As things stand now, it’s more likely that the bomb has been the tool used to “cancel the fingerprints” of whoever ordered the shooting.

Sadly, that means the Pakistani Government is the most likely culprit.


One definitely wonders what has gone so wrong in the past 60 years, to make the inhabitants of the Land of the Pure so keen to kill each other.

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I think:
(A) Her loss represents a net loss to world civilization.
(B) Her death was authored by al Qaeda and/or Taliban.

It’s a reversal. Thank Busheney who told us that Osama could run but he could not hide.

Yeah, well. Let’s not confuse what she said (democracy blah blah) and what she practiced (i.e. large-scale kleptocracy: her husband was known as “Mr. Seven Percent”). She was no worse but also no better than the other thieves who misruled over her country, although her being “western educated”, and a woman, struck a chord with the perennially starry-eyed European and American press (Soong Mei-ling anyone?).

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