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Why They Hate Lomborg

Weeks ago I started wondering why AGW campaigners would be so virulent about Lomborg

I think I know now. Read “John Vinocur: Rhetorical excess undercuts the case against global warming.

One can tolerate a skeptic, but how can one bear the sight of a non-catastrophist warmer?


Younger Dryas

This is something absurdly overlooked.. .a cooling of 10C in a decade? and then a warming of 7C in less than 50 years?

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Younger_Dryas

Why hasn’t Gore been laughed off by this??

Or perhaps von Daeniken was right, and aliens were driving SUVs in 9530BC

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Capello’s First Point of Order

Fabio Capello (pr. Kah-Per-Lo), the new England football manager, may or may not have serious intentions in getting the team with a trophy or another.

But if he does, there is one clear thing he needs to impose to change the squad’s attitude: a complete alcohol ban for any player willing to represent England.

Otherwise, Capello’s tenure will end up like Eriksson’s and any other manager’s this side of 1966.

England’s football system is large enough to guarantee that a team of 11 average alcohol-free players can be put together, and they will have an enormously higher chance to win than highly-paid drunks.

If Italy made it in 2006…


I am not just saying players should stop drinking before matches, or during major competitions. Of course they should, and to do otherwise is a clear sign of foolishness.

But if I were Capello, I would ask for players to not drink any alcohol at all in any moment of their day. Ever.

A player’s career in the national team is usually short anyway, seldom lasting more than 4 or 6 years. If anybody cannot resist that short a time as an absolute teetotaller, in exchange for the possibility of winning the Cup in South Africa 2010, that person must have a serious alcoholism problem. And he should be sent for some basic detox, not to play for his Country.


Of course there’s always another solution: change nothing, pretend it’s all about football schemes, play on, and just wait for next abysmal failure…

…while going from one rape allegation to another, of course!

ps Is it important for Capello to learn how to speakka goode Englisch? Maybe not. He’d better spend some money to buy a large amount of wild dogs, to unleash against any player showing signs of drunkeness (or just slacking).

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A Che Serve La Moratoria

Si sentono in giro le solite lagne sul “gesto vuoto e inutile” che sarebbe la Moratoria sulla Pena di Morte appena approvata all’ONU.

Si potrebbe rispondere “Ma perche’ e’ stato cosi’ difficile allora far passare quel documento?“.

Proviamo invece a calmare quelle “anime belle” grazie a un dalemanissimo articolo su “La Repubblica:

[La risoluzione fornisce] un importante strumento di legittimazione politica ai numerosi Governi che vorrebbero applicare la moratoria o addirittura abolire la pena di morte, ma sono ostacolati dall’opinione pubblica interna o da alcuni movimenti politico-religiosi […]

D’ora in poi la questione della pena capitale è iscritta automaticamente all’ordine del giorno di ogni Assemblea Generale, per essere discussa ogni anno […]

D’ora in poi i vari organi dell’ONU sono automaticamente autorizzati a “lavorare” ed operare su questo tema. E già si sa che l’Alto Commissario per i Diritti Umani intende istituire una “task force”, anche per assistere i paesi che vogliono gradualmente introdurre serie limitazioni alla comminazione della pena capitale […]

Ogni anno il Segretario Generale dell’ONU dovrà presentare all’Assemblea Generale un rapporto sull’attuazione della risoluzione approvata ieri: per elaborare questo rapporto, egli dovrà ottenere dagli Stati membri dati e informazioni sulle esecuzioni capitali, sui reati per cui sono state effettuate, nonché sui casi di sospensione dell’esecuzione […]