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Blondes are Mutants from Sweden and Finland

The Blonde Map of Europe” courtesy of the strange maps blog:


One wonders what happened in Apulia…

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Well that was just a common apulian explanation, while I was living there. They blamed the normans, but there might be other reasons.

On the other hand i did not think there were so many blonds. I used to joke I was one of the 20 blonds in the whole Bari.

Thank you Raindreamer. You’re not the first one suggesting this, but look at Sicily (and Normandy!)…

My personal take is that Slavonians from the area presently at the border between Croatia and Serbia moved to Apulia in large amounts in the X century AD and later. There are several places called “Slavoni” or “Schiavoni” in Apulia, and the blondness is similar in the mapìs colours

Normans happend in Puglia. There were Norman rule in the middle-age and one can see that from population. If you look in the history, you might notice that even if coming from northern France they were originally decendants of Vikings (that is Scandinavians).

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