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Ingrid Betancourt

Colombia ia a very, very, very violent place and it has been for long time, caught between the Cold War and drug trafficking. Still, the 5 years, 10 months spent in captivity by Ingrid Betancourt beggar belief.

Obviously her track record of denouncing corruption in high places cannot have helped. Still, there may be some hope right now.

We have been officially told that Colombian security forces have “seized” a few days ago a videotape of Betancourt and other long-held ostages. I find this highly suspicious coming right behind the high-profile row between the Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela exactly on the subject of how to free Ingrid Betancourt. Also quite strangely, a new letter by Betancourt has been released.

Hopefully this means something positive is going on, behind the scenes.

Fingers crossed!

ps Ingrid Betancourt is one of many hostages. Will it ever be possible for Colombia to become a “normal” country, one wonders…

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