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Ptolemy’s Revenge

2154 years after being written, and 464 years after being rendered obsolete by Copernicus, the Ptolemaic System is coming back with a vengeance, masquerading as Garrett Lisi’s Theory of Everything

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It just shows that you have completely missed the point on Lisi’ works. There are no orbits in particle physics, there are waves that are called orbitals for the electron/neutrino/nucleous model. What you are saying here does not allow for moon phases, or for any Planet as it is. Change the way the Solar system works or otherwise change your self-serving correlations.
Cheers, no hard feelings, just that you are Wrong.

The Ptolemaic diagram is about the planetary orbits. They may look similar but that is where the similarity ends. While Garrett is saying that the universe is based on the E8 lattice, and the figure is just its representation in 2D.

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