Beppe Grillo Italiano

L’Antica Novita’ di Beppe Grillo

Uomo legato alla commedia, non-politico, un po’ stravagante, un po’ esibizionista, un po’ forcaiolo, tuona a furia di parolacce contro i politici di destra e di sinistra, e denuncia la loro separazione dal Paese reale.

Grillo 2007? No, Guglielmo Giannini 1946. Quel Giannini fondatore del Qualunquismo, movimento che si sciolse a causa di un messaggio davvero troppo vago e…politicamente ingenuo. D’altronde, se uno non vuole fare il politico ma entra in gioco lo stesso, cosa c’e’ da aspettarsi se non errori politici in serie?

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Pearls of Unintended Irony on The Economist

Editorial control must have relaxed at The Economist, of late, or else for a series of unfortunate circumstances nobody at HQ is reading the magazine end-to-end any longer.

That may be a couple of reasons to justify the following of pearls of unintended irony on those esteemed pages…

(1) From one kind of waste to another

Nuclear power-Atomic renaissance“, Sep 6th, where we are told that “the current expansion of nuclear power”, based on lowering emissions of greenhouse gases, “is unlikely to be slowed down by concerns about what to do with the waste”.

(2) Errare humanum, perseverare…

Jolly green heretic“, Sep 6th, where credit is given to a Stewart Brand who, having been wrong about “his alarmism over the Y2K computer bug”, and having thereby convinced himself that the world is “modular, shockproof and robust”, for unfathomable (and unfathomed) reasons considers global warming the “single most important environmental threat facing mankind”.

(3) Warming fantasy

Gambling on Tomorrow” and “Tomorrow and Tomorrow“, Aug 18th, where we are told that all current climate models are too simple, and were not really checked against reality. This from the same magazine that has recently changed its mind, and thinks global warming is “for real”.