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Alberto Mingardi si infervora su Libero in un elogio del consumismo che fara’ salivare piu’ di un imprenditore (“Perché non passa il giusto elogio del consumismo“, 31 luglio 2007).

Lungi da me dal demonizzare il giusto ed entusiasmante diritto di ogni persona di comprare quel che le pare e piace…ma un giorno Mingardi si svegliera’, e capira’ a cosa serve il marketing. Fino ad allora, comprera’ nell’illusione di essere libero: perche’ la liberta’ va conquistata e sudata, e difesa anche dai continui assalti di chi fa del vendere il suo mestiere.

Verrebbe da dire…unicuique suum

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Yellowstone Report – 3 – Hotels

Yellowstone Report (a collection of brief notes about Yellowstone Park and neighborhoods)

(first entry, about the roads I have driven during my Yellowstone trip, available here)
(second entry, about the towns I have visited, available here)


Best Western Garden Inn in Salt Lake City – Thinly spread out, double unguarded entrance means not everybody on its grounds is a guest or worker. Avoid room 419 if hoomping water heaters can wake you up.

Best Western Cross-Winds Motor Inn in West Yellowstone – Nicer than expected, pretty much motel-like plus jacuzzi and pool. Curiously worked at mostly by people from Slovakia.

Best Western Mammoth Hot Springs in Gardiner – Good but without free continental breakfast. You won’t want to go to Gardiner for the food anyway. Fantastic riverside views on wilderness from rooms 403 to 419.

Cabins in Canyon – Frontier-like with little amenities but best location to access the park from within.

Comfort Inn in Cody – Definitely upscale, most expensive and very comfortable but where is the elevator for the rooms upstairs?

Best Western Driftwood Inn in Idaho Falls – Pleasant surprise with great rooms and decors, pint-size easily-accessible pool, a few steps from the falls and with its own fall-in-the-wall by the entrance.

Best of the lot: Best Western Driftwood Inn in Idaho Falls

Not by a long shot: Best Western Garden Inn Salt Lake City, as it doesn’t check for stangers in its (enclosed but not locked) grounds.