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Veltroni Si Da’ Alle Barzellette

Referendum, Veltroni al comitato: “Non firmo ma vi sostengo”

Non sottoscrivo perché candidato al Pd che fa parte di una maggioranza nella quale ci sono opinioni diverse

Insomma: primo non scegliere. E guai a chi alza la testa.

Come scritto in un commento precedente a un mio blog…cosa possiamo aspettarci da un Paese che ha la forma di una scarpa?

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NATO’s Historical Blunders

Sarah Chayes may be right in defending NATO’s contribution to the war in Afghanistan, and in pointing out the USA “snubbing” of its allies immediately after 9/11.

But one cannot blame the situation on a callous/gung-ho American administration.

NATO was in fact not snubbed at all during the Kosovo conflict. The USA did their utmost to present and conduct that campaign as part of the larger NATO umbrella.

Unfortunately, few if any of the other members of the alliance seemed to understand much about military strategy, and they all preferred to play their own form of national politics.

The result was a nightmare for the American commanders, evidently more at ease with fighting an enemy than having to accommodate all the quirky requests and vetos of their own allies.

Having then shown itself excessively argumentative to the point of being almost ineffectual, little wonder NATO was mistrusted by the USA at the beginning of the latest Afghan conflict.