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Heroical Immigration Police

I am having a nightmare.

It is about a democratic country on this planet, where Immigration Police routinely ambushes people at their place of work, sending armed officers into workplaces to apprehend those guilty of working a decent and honest job.

In the process, those officers scare the wits out of any law-abiding person in sight.

Anybody and everybody, not just the person they are looking for, is threatened if not manhandled, unless he or she provides full co-operation, including letting said officers rummage through personal items including e-mails without showing so much of a photo ID.

All in all, the experience has the one result of instilling terror in perfectly innocent people, more than a couple of train bombs put together. How much they will feel protected, it’s anybody’s guess.


My nightmare is that such a country is 40,000km/25,000mi away from where I am standing at the moment.

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Ciao Maurizio!

Well, at least 1weepingcrone figured out where you meant, so points for geography to him.

But, unlike him I did read your text fully, and I agree that heavy-handed actions can do more harm than good. I’m guessing from your name (not having, yet, met you in person) and the context that you might have been personally manhandled (“Oi, you’re not from round these parts, are you? Can you prove you’re here legally?”) and I would feel very annoyed & upset if either I, or one of my friends, were subjected to such treatment.

I can’t help thinking that some people are treating “antiillegalism” as a legal alternative to racism. And that isn’t good. For anyone.

to 1weepingcrone:

The argument about “people breaking the law” is a non-sequitur.
There are various way of dealing with crime. I repeat the main point of my blog for you: “In the process, those officers scare the wits out of any law-abiding person in sight.”
Read again: LAW-ABIDING
If that doesn’t worry you, a working holiday in North Korea is in order.

Immigration Police? I assume you mean I.C.E., which is Immigration and
Customs Enforcement. They are there to ENFORCE the law. If these people who they are arresting are ILLEGALS, they are breaking our laws. First, they are in our country illegally. Second, they are working here illegally. Most of them are using stolen or fraudulent documents to work, there is number three. The majority of them do not pay taxes, which is another crime they are committing.

We need more of these HEROIC ICE AGENTS. We have almost 20,000,000
illegal aliens to remove, yet.

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