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Beam Me Cold, Scotty

Fact: we already know how to teleport single ions of calcium and beryllium.

Fact: such “teleportation” means the transfer of quantum states between ion A and ion B, so that at the end of the transfer B becomes for all intents and purposes identical to what A was at the beginning of the transfer.

Fact: we already know how to make groups of atoms behave as one quantum entity, by cooling them very near absolute zero until they become a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC).

Vision: all we need to make Star-Trek-like teleportation a reality then, it’s finding a way to cool a person into a BEC, transfer its quantum state into just the right BEC far away, and then heat this back as the teleported copy of the original person.

In the meanwhile, let’s wait for a few confirmatory experiments…

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Cercarsi Chiarimento sul Partito Unico

Quando si dice che in Italia c’e’ voglia di “Partito Unico”, si vuole intendere un Partito a Sinistra e un altro a Destra, o
magari qualcuno sotto sotto auspica il ritorno ai fasti di quando il Partito UNICO c’era per davvero?