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If Ahmadinejad were really smart…

…the President of Iran would conclude the Conference on the Holocaust by stating that: (a) it happened; (b) it was as big as it is said it was and (c) post-War reparations were woefully inadequate, with Europe finding the easy way out by shipping its Jewish population off to Palestine

In other words, Ahmadinejad would call for rich Europe to spend billions and billions to support the Palestinian nation (in Israel, in the Occupied Territories and elsewhere)

That would go down very well with the vast majority of people on the planet…

Some hope!

One reply on “If Ahmadinejad were really smart…”

My goodness, you put this so well. Yes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If only. If only. But even if he did, would it be publicized or ignored? All relistic views of the Palestinian situation seems totally ignored in the US — maybe placed in pages 2 or 3 if really big news. It is so sad. So terribly sad the conditions forced on the Palestinians. How many are the original Christians from the time of Christ these Palestinians?

Thanks M.

Well put.

God bless and happy Christmas —


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