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Climate Change Propaganda? No thank you

Today’s TCS Daily (Europe) sported my article on the sinister side of Climate Change propaganda, a commentary on the recently-published report ““Warm Words: How are we telling the climate story and can we tell it better?”

global-warming pessimists […] are now being encouraged to make-believe their own reality, building for all of us an almost certainly gloomy future. Armed with propaganda rather than rational persuasion, they are advocating an orthodoxy reminiscent of some past Communist States. […]

[The authors of the report] go as far as to implicitly recognize that possibly climate change catastrophism is “another apocalyptic construction […] perhaps a figment of our cultural imaginations”. […]

Is the terrain being prepared for zealot eco-revolutionaries soon to remove most freedoms and a wide range of technological achievements, imposing us a future “eco-friendly” life of pain, illness, manual labour and struggle, with the belief that human ingenuity is an evil that will destroy the planet instead than improve our lives? […]

I am still waiting for a single weather pattern to change due to Global Warming. Feel free to point that out when (and if) it happens

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thank you Pete. As a matter of fact I have been away to Sydney in September. I did experience my own climate change, it rained for almost a week 😎

I have checked some of the graphs but trends involve suspiciously tiny changes

If those are the data, global warming is a future possibility, definitely not a present one (and therefore Al Gore’s movie is baseless)

(I’ll watch it on cable or DVD)

I don’t know if you checked the Australian Bureau of Meteorology web site after my last post, maybe you thought I was too flippant & didn’t bother. Anyway, here’s a link for you to the relevant part of the BoM’s site that provides some of the data that they base their belief in climate change on:-


Don’t know, you’ll have to contact the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. All I know is that the winters are milder & drier, the summers are too bloody hot and I can’t water the veggie garden!

Finally! thank you Pete. That’s interesting. What studies have been conducted to link the new location of those high pressure systems to global warming? Have they been used to predict further changes there, or anywhere else?

For the past 10 years, high pressure systems over Australia in winter have been diverting low pressure systems away from the mainland. This has caused a drought over much of southern Australia. Sounds like a changed weather pattern to me.

You are quite correct, sir. I’m glad that I found your blog. Hat tip to Benisimo, who mentioned your blog on

Well, he gave a link to Jim Glassman, who had a link hrere. Do you know Ben?

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