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Petizione per chiudere il Parlamento Europeo…

…a Strasburgo, e trasferire tutti a Bruxelles risparmiando circa 200 milioni di euri di dis-utili trasferte

Votate numerosi!

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Help the EU save some money…

…for once!

The European Parliament should be located in Brussels

It costs European taxpayers approximately 200 million euros a year to move the Parliament between Brussels/Belgium and Strasbourg/France. As a citizen of the European Union, I want the European Parliament to be located only in Brussels.

MEP's from different parties are behind the initiative

Please sign the on-line petition. It surely won't hurt. As of this moment there are already 60,000 signatories

And if we "need" the Strasbourg building because we "have to", let the French Government pay the whole bill