Calcio Coppa del Mondo 2006 Italiano Juventus Lettere Repubblica

Perche’ tifero’ Messico

(Lettera a Vittorio Zucconi/Repubblica:

Caro Direttore

Ma come poter tifare Italia ai prossimi Campionati del Mondo? Magari la squadra fosse ritirata, almeno per pudore

Figuriamoci di cosa si parlera' tutte le volte che giochera' la squadra di Lippi (!!!)

Il Messico ha la bandiera bianca, rossa e verde, e il mio appoggio incondizionato per Germania 2006


ps Francamente, io juventino da quando avevo sei anni nel 1973, vedrei con favore un campionato bianconero di C2 per il 2006-2007, in modo da poter "risorgere" davvero (sempreche' la societa' non chiuda battenti definitivamente)

English Football Italy Mexico World Cup 2006

I’ll be cheering Mexico during the World Cup

1. Italian football is too rotten to deserve participating, let alone win this year. I only wish they'd retire the squad now

2. I can't root for England. They'd be boasting about a World Cup win for the next 2,000 years

3. I can't root for Brazil. It's just too simple for them to win everything

4. I like Mexico

5. Mexico have a slim, remote non-zero chance of doing something good this year

6. The Mexican flag has got the right colours ๐Ÿ˜Ž


English Politics

Salivating News For Warmongering Idealists

– or "Be afraid, be very afraid…"

Plenty of non-military applications for body armors (are we going to see invincible supercops patrol the land before 2020?)…but when this stuff will be ready to be deployed, we can only expect a lot more American and British military activity around the world

Virtual Soldier Program Receives 1 600 000 To Help Army Design Armor

Think about it…no more body bags to hide, no more war dead statistics to cringe about. We will be able to send armies anywhere in the world to blast any people into accepting democracy or whatever else will be appropriate

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And just to show that, as usual, we can only "fight the last war":  Dr. Karim Abdel-Malek, professor of biomedical engineering and CCAD and VSR director, says that the body armor project is partly inspired by the experience of soldiers currently fighting in Iraq. The U.S. military has sensed the need for designing and implementing a more sophisticated armor system for the individual soldier, he saysAddendum: thanks to Rupert for pointing out another dark side of this story. With troops shielded by solid armour, attacks by "insurgents" on the civilian population will only increase.At this rate, the wars of the XXII century will see absolutely no casualty among the military